Reno Correspondence – March 2018

Hike of the Month: Rancho San Rafael Park and Evans Canyon                                                                                               Rancho San Rafael Park For a great taste of northern Nevada history combined with a superb outdoor experience, visit Rancho San Rafael Park , off North Sierra Street less than 2 miles from downtown Reno. The Wilbur May Arboretum is worthy of an … Read moreReno Correspondence – March 2018

Reno Correspondence – August 2017

                                                                  The Truckee River Bike Path along Riverside Drive, Reno Hike (Bike) of the Month Summer is hot enough in Reno, without us adding to global warming by driving our cars around everywhere. So this month Erik and I decided to dust off our bikes and do some ‘splorin’, with the help of the RTC’s … Read moreReno Correspondence – August 2017

Reno Correspondence – July 2017

Reno: The Best Place to Live (and Play) When Erik and I were striving to create a home for ourselves, first separately and then together, we faced a couple of challenges. First, we are both desert rats. We love big skies, open spaces, ghost towns and lonesome places. We fantasize about living “out in the … Read moreReno Correspondence – July 2017

Reno Correspondence – August 2016

Reno (Photo credit: David Marshall at Arrrrrg maytees! August 13th brings the Reno Pirate Crawl. For anyone who enjoys the night-life, and pirates, this should be a night to remember (or not, but that’s okay because there will be a photo booth for that)! Over 20 bars will be participating, including many dance clubs … Read moreReno Correspondence – August 2016

Reno Correspondence – June 2016

Reno Reno Street Food and More An experience that most people know all too well is the dreaded “Where do you wanna eat?” debate. Well, at “Reno Street Food,” a food cart event every Friday from May 20th through September 30th at Idlewild Park, everybody can be happy. With over 25 vendors, there are plenty … Read moreReno Correspondence – June 2016

Reno Correspondence – May 2016

Reno Whether you are a dedicated metal-head, or just an open mind seeking new forms of entertainment, Reno’s local metal scene is something you’ll definitely want to check out while you’re in town. In my personal opinion, the most rockin’ metal show of the month will be We Predict a Riot with Decades In, Contortion, … Read moreReno Correspondence – May 2016

Reno Correspondence – April 2016

Reno If you are planning to travel to Reno in the month of April, you picked the right month! There are many exciting opportunities and events, including the Reno Ukulele festival, the Reno Earth Day celebration, and much more. April typically brings warmer weather, inviting a stroll downtown by the river. Our moody Northern Nevada … Read moreReno Correspondence – April 2016