Pahrump Correspondence – May 2018

Pahrump Has the Need for Speed                                                         A crowd enjoys a night time race at the Pahrump Valley Speedway. Not all towns can say they have a speedway. The Pahrump Valley Speedway is a hidden gem, especially if you enjoy watching action packed motorsports.  I say “hidden” because people can live here for years, and, … Read morePahrump Correspondence – May 2018

Pahrump Correspondence – April 2018

Why Not Take that Golf Vacation in Pahrump?                                                                           An idyllic scene at Mountain Falls Golf Course Imagine getting out of your hotel room and leisurely driving down the road to play some golf in Pahrump. Out here, there is no traffic and maybe one major traffic light on your way. Your tee time is … Read morePahrump Correspondence – April 2018

Pahrump Correspondence – March 2018

Pahrump’s Granddad of Festivals: a long-standing tradition The one thing I loved about the town of Pahrump is that  there always seems to be something going on, especially when the temperatures come down in September. When the cooler weather comes, the town becomes like an ant hill and there is buzz of activity. Whether it’s … Read morePahrump Correspondence – March 2018

Pahrump Correspondence – September 2017

The Pahrump Valley is one off-road adventure after another                          Trail one mile west of Pahrump, with the cloud-shrouded Spring Mountains and Mount Charleston to the east Climb aboard any off-road vehicle and head in any direction and within 30 minutes you leave civilization well behind. Whether you’re headed towards the Spring Mountains or exploring … Read morePahrump Correspondence – September 2017