Ely Correspondence – April 2018

History and Art with Laura Rainey Stop by Garnet Mercantile or the White Pine Public Museum and you might be fortunate enough to find artist Laura Rainey at work sewing and beading custom moccasins.                                Laura Rainey sewing custom-made buckskin moccasins “We always sewed,” she said, in between signing in visitors to the museum where … Read moreEly Correspondence – April 2018

Ely Correspondence – March 2018

Feel Good at Tsaa Nesunkwa, Ely’s New Marijuana Dispensary                                        Tsaa Nesunkwa is the only marijuana dispensary in Eastern Nevada. (Photo by Matt Weiser) Bring cash and valid identification to Tsaa Nesunkwa, Ely’s new marijuana dispensary, and leave with a custom-selected product to smoke, eat, drink as a tea, or use as a tincture. As … Read moreEly Correspondence – March 2018

Ely Correspondence – February 2018

Tacos, Tamales and Nopales!                          Mother and daughter, Claudia Coble and Emilia Aguayo, in front of Jr. Street Tacos. (Photo by Matt Weiser) In November, drivers along Great Basin Highway took in the new and welcome sight of Jr. Street Tacos, operated by Claudia Coble and parked at the Sinclair gas station. The food truck … Read moreEly Correspondence – February 2018

Ely Correspondence – January 2018

Skis and Snow (or Slush): The Bristlecone Birkebeiner “It’s nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air and God’s country and the exercise. It’s a good sport,” says Marlene Vlahos of cross-country skiing in the mountains around Ely. In the 1980s when thick winter snow frequently blanketed the region, Vlahos was an early participants … Read moreEly Correspondence – January 2018

Ely Correspondence – July 2017

July 4th in Ely                                                                          Independence Day parade in Ely, July 4th, 1918 July 4th is one of the biggest celebrations of the year in Ely. There is a long history and tradition for this. In the early days of the mining and ranching here, workers were recruited from all over the world because of … Read moreEly Correspondence – July 2017